STARK Industries, LLC has been awarded a manufacturing license for the NASA JPL – VITAL Ventilator

Designed to help meet the domestic and global demand for ventilators during the COVID-19 global crisis

Developed by engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California

NASA JPL - VITAL Ventilator (Ventilator Intervention Technology Accessible Locally)

Developed to free up the world's limited supply of traditional ventilators

NASA-Developed Ventilator Authorized by FDA for Emergency Use


STARK has connections across the country and the globe, companies from healthcare, aerospace engineering, automotive and others. Let us put you in front of the people who can take your idea to the next level. From initial investments to end product sales, we know the right people to put you in touch with to make your vision a reality.

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As a team of inventors ourselves, we understand how hard it can be for a first time inventor to take an idea and make it tangible. Let us help you put flesh on the bone of your initial idea, and create something that you can take to market.

Product Development

STARK can help you identify target markets, possible applications, and a variety of high profile potential customers that your product would be best suited for.


We have developed a finely tuned network of professional connections throughout the US and Europe, with some of the leaders of technology development. Our List of preferred partners includes some of the industry’s most recognizable companies in:

  • Healthcare and Health Sciences
  • Research Science
  • Aerospace Engineering
Relationship Development

We’ll put you in touch with the right people, at the right time, to help make your vision a reality, and help you take the last step to the market. From hospitals to engineering companies, manufacturing and distribution to elite research and development firms, we can put you in front of the exact right people who can take your idea and run with it.

Marketing and Sales

No product lifecycle is complete without identifying an end-user and making that first sale. We can help you develop a marketing and sales package that you can take back to your partner companies, something that you can use to secure their business.

helping our clients take the next step

STARK Industries has made it our mission to find and promote the newest and most innovative solutions to life’s most challenging problems. No matter the industry or the application, we’ve dedicated our company to the pursuit of progress, moving people forward together. By partnering with a wide variety of investors, consumers and innovators, STARK can provide clients with an audience that is ready for your next project or idea. Our goal is to help you find success, and help us find solutions, to the problems that we face in technology, healthcare, engineering and research sciences. Contact STARK Industries today to find out how we can help you take the next step with your current project, and put you in front of the right people to take your business to the next level.

about STARK industries

Technological development should be focused on creating something new that can improve the quality of lives for people around the world. We’ve been fortunate enough to witness leaps in science and technology that haven’t even been dreamed about before, but that only pushes us to go further, and dream bigger, then we ever thought possible.

Formed in Columbus, Ohio, STARK began with a single product and a simple concept: to make space travel easier and more manageable for human beings. In our quest to take our own products to market, we discovered several key individuals and companies who have not only been supportive of our mission, but want to play a part in finding the next great technological innovation. We understood that the mission was much larger than ourselves, and our products, and saw a need to connect these resources with inventors and products who could most benefit from the exposure.